F. Barker & Son, Specialists in Barometers, Compasses, Sun-Dials, Wind Vanes, Etc.

Catalogue no: 1191
Dewey No: Subject(s): Catalogues
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 64 Illustrations: Multiple Language(s): English Publication date: c.1900
Editor: Publisher: F.Barker & Son
Dimensions: 215mm x 140mm Condition: Good, cover separated, rust around staples
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Catalogue of F.Barker & Son, (Estab. 1848), Sun-Dial House, 12, Clerkenwell Road, London. Title page describes the company as; "Manufacturers of Scientific Instruments of Every Description. Makers to The Admiralty, India Office, War Office, Government Laboratory, London County Council, etc." Title page also lists 64 different instruments supplied by the company (including Clocks of All Descriptions and Chronometers, Marine). This is an "Illustrated Catalogue of Sun-Dials, Wind-Vanes, Aneroid Barometers, Magnetic Compasses, Etc. With Descriptive Reading on the Sun-Dial, Aneroid Barometer and magnetic Compass." Catalogue comprises the following sections; 1. Sun Dials, pp.1-27 2. Mottoes, pp.28-29 3. Wind-Vanes, pp.30-31 4. Barometers, pp. 32-49 5. Thermometers, pp.49-50 6. Magnetic Compasses, pp.52-64 In addition to the list of the above devices (which includes illustrations and prices), there are pages devoted to their theory and mechanics.
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