Catalogue no: 1172
Dewey No: Subject(s): Catalogues
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 24 Illustrations: Multiple Language(s): French Publication date: c.1900
Editor: Publisher: Zenith
Dimensions: 210mm x 140mm Condition: Good
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Title page describes the "Montre Zenith" - "Prix tres Abordable. Precision & Solidite de la Construction. Reglage Parfait. Elegance des Formes & de la Decoration". The first 7 pages describe the different aspects of Zenith watches; "Le Rouage, L'Echappement, Les Pierres, Le Balancier, Les cadrans, Les Aiguilles, Mis a L'Heure, followed by a page illustrating the different pendants and winding buttons available and two pages showing the different thickness of cases (Assortiments Ovales avec les Diverses Formes de Couronnes). A large fold out page illustrates 38 different styles of dial. The final 16 pages illustrate and describe 26 pocket watches manufactured by the company.
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