H. Golay, Repeaters, Chronographs and Calendar Watches

Catalogue no: 1168
Dewey No: Subject(s): Catalogues
Author(s): Unknown but probably H. Golay
Total pages: 10 Illustrations: 28 Language(s): English Publication date: c.1890
Editor: Publisher: H. Golay
Dimensions: 215mm x 140mm Condition: Good
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Full title page as follows; H. Golay, 46, Myddelton Square, London, Manufacturer of Repeaters, Chronographs, and Calendar Watches of every description. Special Calibre for Complicated Watches Patent No. 12-147. October 12th, 1885 Catalogue consists of 8 pages of descriptions and photographs (dial and movement sides) of the following watches; 1. English Keyless Minute Repeater Hunter (chronograph) 2. English Keyless Minute Repeater Hunter (Split seconds chronograph) 3. English Keyless Minute Repeater Hunter 4. English Keyless Minute and Seconds Chronograph Hunter 5. English Keyless Minute Repeater Hunter (perpetual calendar and moonphase) 6. English Keyless Hunter, Pocket Chronometer 7. English Keyless (minute and seconds chronograph) 8. English Keyless The final two pages consist of 12 photographs showing ebauche movements with the added complications of watches described above, "Back Plan and Front Plan".
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