Watches and Clocks by J.W.Benson. 13th Edition

Catalogue no: 1162
Dewey No: Subject(s): Catalogues
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 51 Illustrations: Multiple Language(s): English Publication date: c.1867
Editor: Publisher: J.W.Benson
Dimensions: 225mm x 145mm Condition: Generally good, cover fragile
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The catalogue is divided into sections or chapters as follows; 1. A brief history of time, time measurement instruments and mechanisms, pp.1-10 2. Details of Bensons' watches, pp. 11-20. Also, Benson's Keyless Watches, p.49 3. Gold and Silver Albert and Guard Chains, pp. 21-22 4. Clocks; many different styles, French decorative; Drawing-Room Clocks; Library and Dining-Room Clocks; Hall and Staircase Clocks; Dials for the Hall, Shop; Warehouse; Office, or Counting-House; Everybody's Clock 5. Opinions of the Press, pp. 47-48 6. Church, Turret, and Public Clocks, p.50, including an illustration by P.H.Delamotte of Benson's quarter striking clock made for the International Exhibition of 1862 7. Useful Remarks and "Strict attention to the following useful and simple Directions is necessary in the Management of a Watch", p.51 (inside rear cover). 8. The rear cover is and illustration of a "Gold Watch and Gold Chain, coplete in Morocco Case, adapted for a Present." Written in ink on front cover, "Latest date 1867" From the Courtenay Ilbert Archive
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