Pocket Watches Gold Chains Seals etc. J.W.Benson Ltd., Ludgate Hill

Catalogue no: 1160
Dewey No: 681.11085 Subject(s): Catalogues
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 48 Illustrations: Multiple Language(s): English Publication date: c.1920
Editor: Publisher: J.W.Benson
Dimensions: 280mm x 220mm Condition: Good
Related titles: See Cat. Nos 1161 and 1162 Related library records:
From the Courtenay Ilbert Archive An exceptionally detailed catalogue including a chapter on "The Anatomy of a Benson Watch", full page descriptions and illustrations of the "New" watch, "Bank of England" watch, "Ludgate" watch and "Field" watch. Half page or full page information on a range of other watches manufactured or retailed by Benson. Several pages on different chronograph watches. Further pages on Repeating watches, Calendar watches, Foreign watches, Evening Dress watches, Keyless Lever watches for Ladies and Gentlemen, Eight Day Table watches and clocks. Final eight pages on watch chains, seals, fobs and engraving. Inserts include; An order form for, "The World Renowned "Field" Watch". "Monthly Payments - Order Form" with Scale of Payment. Details of "Bensons Greenwich Watch", (Swiss made), including illustrations and a large explanatory diagram of the movement. Card covered six page booklet, "Buying Out of Income", Benson's "Times" System of Monthly Payments. "Why disturb your bank balance?"
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