Collection of Cuttings with Horological Interest taken from Newspapers

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Author(s): Various
Total pages: Illustrations: Many Language(s): English Publication date: 1911-1954
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Cuttings from Newspapers and other publications which C. Ilbert foud of horological interest. Details as follows; 1. "What is Time", from T.P.'s Weekly, 24/2/1911, by H. Ottewill Bruce. Rambling thoughts on this subject following the the adoption of Greenwich Mean Time by the French Senate. 2. "An Historic Mudge Chronometer", from The Bazaar, Exchange and Mart, 2/6/1922, at least partially written by R.T.Gould. Written following the discovery of Mudge's "Blue" chronometer by Messrs. Hurcomb & Co. Includes two photos and a diagram. 3. "An Old Astronomical Apparatus Worth Looking For", from The Bazaar, Exchange and Mart, 5/3/1936, by Basil Brown. Concerns Celestial Globes and Orreries. 2 illustrations 4. "Guide to Leading British Clockmakers. Famous Names on Long Case and Bracket Clocks", from The Bazaar, Exchange and Mart, 3/11/1936 and continued in succeeding weekly issues until 1/12/1936 5. Two photographs from Country Life, 18/2/1939, showing Prior Castell's clock, having recently been reinstated in the South Transept of Durham Cathedral 6. "Old Watch Papers", from letter to The Field, 28/6/1941, written by Alec Davis with photographic examples. 7. "Carpenter Invented the Perfect Clock", from an unknown newspaper in 1943, written by George Goodwin. A populist account of the Harrison story, including R.T.Gould's restoration project, with 4 photographs. 8. "The 'Six Pips' from Quartz Clocks (author unknown), from Radio Times, 18/11/1949. Article announcing and detailing the transfer of time signal from pendulum clock to quartz timekeeper. Three photos including the Six Pip generator now in the BHI Museum Collection. 9. "The Wonder of the Watch, A Brief History of Watches and Watchmaking", author unknown, from Newnes Practical Mechanics, January, 1945. A history of watchmaking in two pages! Many annotations and corrections in ink, presumably by C. Ilbert. 10. Page from Country Life, 26/9/1952, with photograph of painting of John Isham (1525-1596). Painting shows chamber clock on wall behind sitter. 11. "Somerleyton Hall Has Unique and Historic Clock", from Lowestoft Journal and Mercury, 11/6/1954. Author unknown but contributions from Rev. A.J.Nixseaman. Tells history of this Vulliamy turret clock and its association with the Great Westminster Clock. 3 photos. 12. "Post-War Tick-Tock". Cutting from an unknown newspaper c.1945, concerning the training of watchmakers post war. 13. Cutting from The Sunday Express, 15/11/1931. @Log::Edited by Viscount Castlerosse. Light-hearted story about two identical watches by Breguet
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