A Collection of Whimsical Horological Ephemera

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Author(s): Various
Total pages: 9 Illustrations: 1 Language(s): English Publication date: 1920s?
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A collection of cuttings from newspapers and hand written notes, the latter mostly concerning horological epitaphs and watch papers. Details as follows; 1. Two cuttings from newspapers. The first from The Daily Dispatch, 21/8/29, "The Fragrant Minute. In a Clock Shop", by Wilhelmina Stitch. The second, possibly from the Manchester Guardian, 2/11/1929, an account of a lecture by Mr Francis Buckley to the Arundel Society of Manchester on "Old Watches. Lancashire and the Early Trade". 2. Poem, handwritten in ink, of poem, "The Watches Memento", on watch paper of Paul Price, Chester 3. "Strange Epithaphs". Three examples, the first a cutting from an unknown newspaper of George Routledge, watchmaker of Lydford. Second, a hand written inscription from tomb of Thomas Hinde, Bolsover, together with a postcard photograph of same. Thirdly, a hand written epithph of unknown origin. 4. Two pages of hand written details from various watch papers 5. Three transcribed examples of "Watch Labels". Two of them originally on silk, the third engraved on the case. 6. Hand written description of two watches, one by George Graham, the other a small repeater by Paul Dupin. Type written note at bottom, "Have you got these two watches?" No. Malcolm Gardner, 12 Earnshaw Street, W.C.2. 7. "Old Watch Papers". A cutting from an unknown newspaper 8. Epithaph publshed in an unknown newspaper from tomb of George Roughleigh of Lydford. Also, another piece of whimsy from Whihelmina Stitch in John Bull.
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