Gentleman's Magazine - (Some pages extracted from same covering horological subjects)

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Total pages: 27 Illustrations: 1 Language(s): English Publication date: 1758 - 1788
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Dimensions: 210mm x 130mm Condition: Fragile, some tears
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These are a selection of pages torn from editions of the Gentleman's Magazine covering various horological topics as follows; 1. Gent. Mag. for 1758, p. 254. An unsigned letter dated June 22nd refers back to a letter in Dec. 1757 edition, mentioning Mr Harrison's sea-clock and Mr Mayer's scheme for finding the longitude by observation of the moon were both taken into consideration by the commissioners for the longitude. Some details given of Mayer's method and comments on the French observations of Abbe de la Caille. 2. Gent. Mag for May, 1763 pp. 230-234, A long letter to the magazine from correspondent under the name, NAUTICUS, "Observations on Harrson's Time-Piece". An interesting contemporary account of John Harrison's struggle to determing longitude at sea by his timepiece, not entirely supportive of Harrison and ending with a plea to the Commissioners to take Mr Mayer's scheme more seriously. 3. Gent. Mag for July, 1765, pp. 303-305 and Sept. 1765, pp. 412-413. Firstly, the "Minutes of the Proceedings of the Commissioners for Discovery of the Longitude, with respect to Mr Harrison's Watch". Contemporary account of the bad tempered meeting where the Commissioners attempted to persuade Harrison to reveal the principles of his timekeeper. Secondly, "An exact Copy of the Report delivered to the Hon. Board of Longitude, by Mr Ludlam, one of the Gentlemen to whom Mr Harrison was referred to make a Discovery of the Principles of his Time-Piece". A less than enthusiastic endorsement of Harrison's chronometer. 4. Gent. Mag for Jan, 1781, pp. 40-44. "Observations on the earliest Introduction of Clocks; by the Honourable Daines Barrington. In a Letter to the Honourable Mr. Justice Blackstone." A long letter covering Barringtons' researches into the medieval origins of clockwork and descriptions of early clocks. 5. Gent. Mag for Oct. 1788, p.847. A description of Mr Greene's Museum in Lichfield together with an engraving of same. Of horological interest is, "In the centre of the inner room appears an uncommon musical altar-clock, whose outer case (as in the plate) represents a Gothic church-tower,"
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