Letters Relating to Sale of Collection of Watches of Grant MacLean, plus List of Watches

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Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Grant MacLean, M. MacDonald (Kirwan &Co)
Total pages: 29 Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: 1941-1943
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Dimensions: Various. Largest 330mm x 205mm Condition: Generally good, some tears
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1. 1st letter dated 3/3/1941, from M.J.MacDonald of Kirwan & Co., Ely House, 13, Charterhouse Street, Hatton Garden, London E.C.1., to C.A.Ilbert, 10, Milner Street S.W.1. Letter in response to telephone call from C.I. and encloses a typewritten list of a large collection of watches for possible sale. The ten page list details mostly continental watches between 1750 and 1890 including several Breguets. Also included is a handwritten duplicate list in pencil by C.I. 2. Carbon copy of letter to Grant Maclean dated 2/4/1941, unsigned but from Malcolm Gardner. MG refers to his previous valuation of the collection and that he has been made aware of the possible sale of same. Expresses interest in three watches (Breguets 1322 and 562 and Jurgensen 27513) which, "interested me mechanically --- and they clash rather with the more decorative specimens of the collection". Enquires if these could be sold separately and offers 75-80 pounds. 3. Letter dated 16/4/1941 from Grant MacLean (Forest Hills Hotel, Aberfoyle, Perthshire) to Malcolm Gardner (12, Earnshaw Street, W.C.2). Acknowledges he is considering sale of his collection, perhaps in the USA, but as a collection and not individually. 4. Letter dated 17/4.1941 from M.J.MacDonald (Kirwan & Co) to Malcolm Gardner. M.MacD. Informs MG that he is acting for his friend (MacLean) in the sale of his collection, "if he could get a good price", and that MacLean had paid 6000 pounds and would not accept less. The collection would be sold complete. 5. Carbon copy of letter dated 7/1/1942 from Malcolm Gardner (presumably as not signed) to Grant MacLean. MG enquires if watch collection is still available as he has an interested buyer 6. Carbon copy of letter dated 14/1/1943 from Malcolm Gardner (again, presumably) to Chester Beatty at Grosvenor House. MG informs CB of the watch collection for sale, the collection being in the Bank of London and costing 6000 pounds. MG confirms his agreed commission.
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