Letter. David Torrens to Courtenay Ilbert

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Author(s): Prof. David Torrens
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Letter is reply for two letters from C.Ilbert. This long letter covers the following subjects; 1. Clockmaker's Petition, published 16th Dec. 1704, and reference to same published in HJ, Vol. 35, Mar. 1893, p.104 2. Arnold Watch set in a ring and presented to King George 111. Reference to Coventry, Warwick and Birmingham Magazine, June, 1764, statement by H. Rotherham, Apr. 1928 and note by R.T.Gould in PWCM jounal, May, 1928 3. Graham "chronometer". Enquiry about jewelling. 4. Comments on quotation from "Description abregee", which confirms impression the Sully used jewelled pallets. References to jewelling in Julien Le Roy's "Regle Artificielle". Reference to Mayer pamphlet concerning the jewelling of the pallets of the Greenwich Graham by Arnold. Horological Journal and caustic reference in same concerning jewelling, "typical tommy rot". (HJ Oct. 1944, p.265) Comment on H. Alan Lloyd's article, "500 Years of Precision Time-Keeping", in HJ, Dec. 1944. Casts doubt on Quare clock illustrated, "quarest Quare I've heard of - looks to me like Parkes ca. 1900". Questions about the Arnold clock at Greenwich. Mentions R.T.Gould's illness and cancellation of his lecture. Enquiry about the date of the engraving of the Octagon Room. Ends with thanks to C.I. For information re. Jewelling
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