Two receipts, possibly associated, HAWLEY'S

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Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 2 Illustrations: 0 Language(s): English Publication date: 1827 and 1829
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Dimensions: 210mm x 175mm and 190mm x 125mm Condition: Good
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The first receipt is dated Feb. 14th, 1827 and addressed to John Miller Esq. It is for an Ormolu Clock and Scotch Box totalling 24 pounds The receipt is headed HAWLEY'S, Goldsmiths and Watchmakers, To His Majesty, corner of Coventry Street facing the Haymarket The second receipt is dated 18th December, 1829 and is to W. Payne from J. Miller Esq., for the sum of two pounds, twelve shillings. It relates to the repair and maintenance of a French clock and may be the one referred to in the first receipt
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