Specification of Albert Marcius Silber - Apparatus for Indicating Time - No. 3689

Catalogue no: 1069
Dewey No: Subject(s): Patents
Author(s): Albius Marcius Silber
Total pages: 6 Illustrations: 1 fold out Language(s): English Publication date: 1869, 20th Dec
Editor: Publisher: The Patent Office
Dimensions: 290mm x 200mm Condition: Outer cover missing but otherwise good
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Relates to; "Improvements in Apparatus for Indicating Time, Partly Applicable to Revolving Apparatus for other Purposes." The patenet details four innovations as follows; 1. The use of the lever, patent lever or hoizontal escapement for revolving movements. 2. A key or other winding device forming a fixture on the side of a lamp (as in night clocks). 3. A new alarm mechanism 4. The arrangement by which a clock mechanism housed in the base of a stand can cause rotary motion to a gallery above (as in the globe of a night clock).
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