Specification of Charles Grant Kelvey and William Holland - Chronometers &c - No. 2184

Catalogue no: 1065
Dewey No: Subject(s): Patents
Author(s): Charles Grant Kelvey, William Holland
Total pages: 5 Illustrations: 1 fold out Language(s): English Publication date: 1863, 4th Sept
Editor: Publisher: The Great Seal Patent Office
Dimensions: 290mm x 200mm Condition: Paper cover ver fragile and torn, small tear in pages of text
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Relates to; "Improvements in the Construction of Chronometers and other Timekeepers". The patent describes two innovations as follows; 1. "Firstly, constructing, arranging, and combining the several parts constituting the escapament of watches and other timekeepers". 2. "The use of a detachable cock on the pillar plate with a moveable piece on the plate thereon, for adjusting the escapaments of watches and othe timekeepers". Printed 1864 Malcolm Gardner, Horological Bookseller sticker on front cover and first page
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