Specification of William Edward Newton - Timekeepers - No. 2324

Catalogue no: 1055
Dewey No: Subject(s): Patents
Author(s): William Edward Newton
Total pages: 9 Illustrations: 1 fold out Language(s): English Publication date: 1857
Editor: Publisher: The Great Seal Patent Office
Dimensions: 290mm x 200mm Condition: Ble paper cover fragile and frayed
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Relates to; "Improvements in Clocks or Timekeepers". The patent descibes five innovations as follows; 1. The actuating of the moving parts of timekeepers (or some of them) by means of pallets and an escape wheel without the use of cogged wheels and pinions 2. The method by which the escape wheel gives impulse to the pendulum 3. Balancing the hammer 4. The method of communicating motion from the shaft of the minute hand to the hour hand by a toothed wheel and pins 5. The means by which, when the hands have been stopped, they remain stationary for a period of 12 hours and are then set in motion again, providing the obstruction has been removed. Printed 1858
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