Specification of Edward Massey - Watches and Machines for Timekeeping - N0. 7807

Catalogue no: 1033
Dewey No: Subject(s): Patents
Author(s): Edward Massey
Total pages: 3 Illustrations: 1 fold out Language(s): English Publication date: 1838
Editor: Publisher: The Great Seal Patent Office
Dimensions: 290mm x 200mm Condition: Blue paper covers fragile
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Relating to; "Improvements in Watches and Machines for Keeping Time". The text and illustraions describe five improvements as follows; A new method of making the verge for a common watch by fitting jewelled pallets in notches. Another variation of the verge where the pallets are set further backpast the centre so that when jewelled faces are added, the pallet angles will be correct. A detached marine chronometer escapement with locking detents on pivots with a simplified controlling spring. A watch escapement capable of beating seconds involving a duplex type wheel and a lever. (Seems to perform the same function as the later "chinese" duplex in a slightly different way). A base for a clock incorporating a winding mechanism at the side which allows a fusee clock to be wound without opening the case. More especially designed for use in clocks with glass shades. Reprint of 1857 Malcolm Gardner, Horological Bookseller sticker on cover and first page.
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