Frequently Asked Questions - Distance Learning Course (DLC)

Recommendations for using CAD for course and examination can be found in the DL course.
We set no fixed timescale. It's up to you how quickly you progress, depending on your previous skills and knowledge, and how much time you are able to dedicate to your horological studies.

Yes. Horology is a practical subject and you will need to undertake a reasonable amount of practical work to complete each year of the course.

  • You will need a very steady table which is secured to the wall on two sides (possibly in the corner of the room), measuring at least 5 feet by 3 feet.  If it is laminated, do not use white; preferably plain subtle shades of green, blue or brown.   
  • Remember to avoid sitting at a table south facing; you will be straining your eyes looking at the sunshine.
  • Your vice will have to be secured at this table (according to the manufacturers’ instructions).  It is, therefore, essential that there is no unevenness on the floor causing the table to move. 
  • Electricity – you will need at least one double socket.
  • Lighting – Ideally a strong lamp attached to the wall.
  • Storage – You will need some space for storage, to suit your own requirements.

As you progress through the course you will need access to a lathe and small drilling machine.

It depends on whether you wish to sit our examinations. The first year of the course can lead, if you wish, to our qualification 'The Diploma in Clock and Watch Servicing'; the final two years can lead to 'The Certificate in the Repair, Restoration and Conservation of Clocks/Watches', which will qualify you for the Technical Competence element of professional Membership of the Institute. If you don't want to sit exams, you're under no obligation at all.
Each year's course is a loose-leaf A4 binder containing between 12 & 15 lessons.
You have the facility to send your lessons in to our tutors for marking. They will be marked and returned to you with feedback from the tutor. Tuition does not entitle you to any form of practical teaching or guidance, although our tutors will be happy to recommend seminars to improve your skills in particular areas as required.
Anytime! It's entirely up to you.