Precision Time Keeping Forum

Date: Friday, 13 June 2014
Time: 9:15AM - 5:15PM

A host of top speakers are lined up for BHI's Precision Timekeeping Forum, which will take place on Friday 13 June at Upton Hall. This year's theme is Precision Clocks and it is hoped that next year a second forum on precision timekeeping will take place focusing on watches.
The day's events get underway at 10am and there will be six speakers in total. Dr Grzegorz Szchlinski FBHI, Curator of the Tower Clock Museum, a department of The Historical Museum of the City of Gdansk, will travel from Poland to address delegates.
The three morning speakers are: Colin Fergusson on ‘Harrison's Late Regulator; Rory McEvoy, ‘The Precision Pendulum Clock: beginnings, approaches and practices; and Dr Grzegorz Szychlinski, on ‘Free Pendulums and Pulsars’.
Lunch will be provided after which three more speakers will take to the stage: Douglas Bateman, ‘Bateman's Celebrated Graph and Q’;
John Haine, ‘Taking the Mystery out of Double PendulumClocks; concluding with Tony Seabrook who will talk about ‘The Greenwich Time Signal’.  Forum organiser Stella Haward said: ‘It's shaping up to be a really good event, we have had a lot of interest already and we are hoping for a good turn out.’
The Forum aims to provide a platform to present and exchange useful information to anyone involved in working with precision time pieces. Open to all, including non-members, we will continue to make time for discussions as this has proved to be an interesting and lively part of the programme.
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