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FOR SALE - Never used, brand new Boley Leinen WW83 precision universal lathe (including tailstock) Offers around £1,500 -  contact Jeffrey Hunter 01706 819443/email  Also , 'Favorite' Staking Set - Complete box set with all parts - £300 - Contact above please.

Students preparing for the BHI examination - Servicing Tests - please SEE ATTACHMENT A and ATTACHMENT B.

Examination Practice at Upton Hall - Unit D4: Servicing and Correcting Faults in a Quartz Watch - see below: 

DLC Week at Upton Hall - 17-21 August 2015 and Basic Hand Skills Course - 15-16 August 2015 -further details follow short course links.  

Examinations 2015 - week commencing 18 May 2015 - email for more information. 

Examination Entry Forms and information are available in January 2015 - please email as above or ring 01636 817604

Students preparing for the BHI examinations, summary of information - please SEE LINK BELOW

Examination Prep Summary

Intermediate/Final Grade DLC Students: the January 2014 Version contains new material which you may not have received.  Please check your DLC against the contents of the latest version: 

Clock Pathway -  January 2014 Version SEE ATTACHED.

Watch Pathway - January 2014 Version SEE ATTACHED.

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: Awards' Day - Saturday 24 October 2015.

The 2014 Awards, Education and New Members’ Day presentation will shortly be available to download.

High quality (3MB PDF file) | Low quality (1MB PDF file)

Examination Practice at Upton Hall

Hone your skills on John Murphy’s  two–day course D4: Servicing and Correcting Faults in a Quartz Watch

Based on the Examination Syllabus, you will  practise the following:

  • Analysing faults using test equipment
  • Dismantling and cleaning
  • Correcting faults 
  • Re-assembling  and lubricating
  • Water resistance testing (using BHI training media)

The following weekends are offered, according to demand: 
 Tues-Wed 3-4 February OR  Sat–Sun 25-26 April 2015

Cost of Course £260.00
Optional Saturday night B&B £40.00
Cost of movement £25.00

The training watch movement (uncased) is part of the course and is yours to keep.

Contact Maxine Bell for further details.

Tel: 01636 817604  Email:



For more information about a new examination practice course on servicing a carriage clock click below.

Carriage Clock Servicing Course