Various, some from Apollo

Advertisements for Antique Clocks and Watches

Catalogue no: 1299
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Unknown
Total pages: 20 Illustrations: Multiple Language(s): English Publication date: c.1925-c.1950
Editor: Publisher: Various, some from Apollo
Dimensions: Various Condition: Mostly good
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A collection of advertisements of antique clocks and watches for sale taken from such magazines as Apollo, Antique Collector, Connoisseur and the American journal, Antiques. Many early longcase clocks included by top makers, Tompion and Knibb included, and some unusual French clocks. Some very early watches also others more decorative and unusual. Among the dealers represented are Percy Webster, Hotspur Ltd., H.M.Lee & Sons, Clowes & Jauncey, Henry L. Lev and the American, Mottahedeh & Sons. Also included are 2 adverts for Atmos clocks
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Search terms: Antique Clocks, Antique Watches
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