Thomas Mercer


Catalogue no: 1158
Dewey No: Subject(s): Catalogues
Author(s): Mercer
Total pages: 21 Illustrations: 16 Language(s): English, French, German Publication date: 1921
Editor: Publisher: Thomas Mercer
Dimensions: 280mm x 215mm Condition: Good, pages removed from rear
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Title Page; Thomas Mercer. Makers of Chronometers and Scientific Instruments, Electrical Break Circuits, Small Gears. Eywood Road, St. Albans. Brief description of the Mercer business followed by sections on Wooden Cases; Balances; Specification of Standard Instrument; Marine Chronometer Prices; Kew Certificates; Speciality; Gears, Spindles and Fine Grinding Department; Movements and Repair Department. Some cut pages at the rear indicate missing illustrations
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