Old Furniture

Some Famous English Clockmakers. 1. Edward East

Catalogue no: 1271
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Bernard Matthews
Total pages: 7 Illustrations: 11 Language(s): English Publication date: Oct., 1929
Editor: Publisher: Old Furniture
Dimensions: 290mm x 225mm Condition: Good
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Article from "Old Furniture. A Magazine of Domestic Ornament" Article consists of a biography of Edward East with comments on the quality of his work. A written description is included of all the clocks and watches illustrated. Illustrations as follows: 1. Square brass table clock. 1630-40 2. Two watches, the first c.1690, the second c.1630-40 3. Large brass lantern clock with hour and minute hand, c.1680 4. Small lantern clock, 1660-65 5. Clock-watch with pierced and engraved silver case 6. Dial of longcase clock, 8, 1/2 inches
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Search terms: Antique Clocks, Antique Watches
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