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Time and Time Again

Catalogue no: 1295
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Bob Bell
Total pages: 1 Illustrations: 6 Language(s): English Publication date: Apr. 28th, 1948
Editor: Publisher: Nashville Tennessean Magazine
Dimensions: 380mm x 320mm Condition: Fragile
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A brief article on the watch collection of Mr L.D.Stallcup, first Secretary of the NAWCC. Describes his passion for collecting watches and recasing discarded movements in "lucite" cases. Photographs as follows; 1. Photograph of L.D.Stallcup holding a "king size" watch built for display purposes with a tray of pocket watches in front. 2. A Nurenberg "Egg" watch of 1550 (probably later) 3. German Coach watch, probably late 16th century 4. Decorative movement ofa Swiss watch made for the Chinese market 5. 19th century Continental watch with two dials 6. Swiss watch with visible "pendulum"
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