La Science et la Vie

Des Automates Du XVIIIe Siecle Aux Machines Automatiques Modernes

Catalogue no: 1412
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Alfred Chapuis
Total pages: 7 Illustrations: 7 Language(s): French Publication date: c.1930
Editor: Publisher: La Science et la Vie
Dimensions: 250mm x 165mm Condition: Good
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Pages taken from the journal, "La Science et la Vie" and stapled within a card cover by Ilbert. Article concerns various automata mechanisms including the latest electro-magnetic examples. Two examples of horological interest; 1. Pendule a automates executee par Emile Wick, a Bale (1860) et representant un coin du vieux Bale 2. Montre a Atomates du debut du XIXe Siecle, representant une cuisine campagnarde
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