My Bargain Hunt in Cairo

Catalogue no: 1301
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Esta Henry
Total pages: 3 Illustrations: 4 (horological) Language(s): English Publication date: June 12th, 1954
Editor: Publisher: Illustrated
Dimensions: 340mm x 260mm Condition: Good, a bit dog-eared
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"That fantastic, fighting Scotswoman, Esta Henry, tells of her battle for Farouk's treasure trove" The story, told in her own words, of bidding at the sale of King Farouk's collections, including his horological collection. Reveals more about her exhibitionist and pugnatious tendancies than it does about the Farouk treasures. Horological photographs as follows; 1. Mrs Henry with a highly decorative 18th century clock. (Appears to be more a watch within an elaborate cabinet of miniature drawers flanked by bloodstone pillars).
Room location: Library Extension Cabinet: F Shelf: 4
Search terms: Antique Watches
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