Art et Curiosite

Mariage & Divorce de l'Art & de la Mecanique (De La Clepsydre au Chronometer de Poche

Catalogue no: 1403
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Raymond Cavalaire
Total pages: 4 Illustrations: 1 Language(s): English Publication date: Dec., 1923
Editor: Publisher: Art et Curiosite
Dimensions: 270mm x 210mm Condition: Reasonable, some small tears
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A short article within the monthly journal "Art et Curiosite" Content of article given in English; "We briefly summarize herein the evolution of the . It will be seen that the silversmith and the mechanic have dominated alternately; the preponderance of the one or the other enables us to determine the period to which the watch belongs." In addition, the front cover includes a photograph of a 17th century "Horloge Astronomique a D
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