Nancy Bell

An Ideal Collector

Catalogue no: 1226
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Nancy Bell
Total pages: 4 Illustrations: 1 Language(s): English Publication date: Jan., 1903
Editor: Publisher: The Connoisseur
Dimensions: 290mm x 230mm Condition: Good, spine torn
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The relevant pages (30-33) extracted from this issue of the Connoisseur and pasted back between original covers. The "Ideal Collector" in question is Mr Hodgkin, whose catholic taste in collectables includes "Viatoria" or portable sundials. 8 examples are shown in one photograph. Also included is an article on engravings by Meryon (died 1868) written by Frederick Wedmore and including one entitled, "Tour De L'Horloge."
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