Henry B. Culver

1. Early Scientific Instruments 2. Imperial Vienna Porcelain

Catalogue no: 1260
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Henry B. Culver
Total pages: 5 Illustrations: 11 Language(s): English Publication date: March, 1936
Editor: H. Granville Fell Publisher: The Connoisseur
Dimensions: 300mm x 230mm Condition: Good
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An article covering Astrolabes, Armilliary spheres, Surveyors instruments, Gunner's level and also Portable Sundials. 4 portable sundials and a nocturnal are described and photographed as follows: 1. German ivory tablet dial and compass 2. Back of same tablet dial in the form of a book and showing wind rose and calendar 3. Pocket universal sundial by Baradelle, Paris, c. 1690 4. Silver pocket sundial (Butterfield style), Paris 5. German portable dial 6. Nocturnal, gilded and sliver plated bronze, embracing a miniature observatory, by M.T.Hagur, Arnstadt, c.1620.
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