Bonniksen and others

Bonniksen. Timing Lecture. A compilation of articles/material relating to the watchmaker Bahne Bonniksen

Catalogue no: 1491
Dewey No: Subject(s): Courtenay Ilbert Archive
Author(s): Bonniksen and others
Total pages: 22 Illustrations: 6 Language(s): English Publication date: 1895-1906
Editor: Publisher: Details in Notes below
Dimensions: 280mm x 220mm Condition: Reasonable, a little dog-eared and dirty
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Various articles and leaflets mostly concerning the watchmaker Bahne Bonneksen, stapled between paper covers.  Written in ink on front cover, "Bonniksen. Timing Lecture.

Contents include the following:

1. Patent No. 16, 623, A.D. 1895. Improvements in Tourbillon Watches.

Patent specification and illustration of Andrew Taylor's annular tourbillon.

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Search terms: Horological Biography, Horological Patents, Precision Watches
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